When can I stream the films on MIFF 68½?

The majority of films on MIFF 68½ will be accessible from 11am AEST on Friday 7 August 2020 through to 11.59pm AEST on Sunday 23 August 2020.

A reminder that the Opening Night, Centrepiece, Closing Night, Program Spotlights and Special Preview screenings have shorter and specific viewing windows found on the individual session pages.

As soon as you press play on the majority of films, you will have thirty (30) hours to complete your viewing. During a film’s viewing window, you will be able to rewind, forward through, pause or exit and restart the film. Please note that undertaking any of these actions will not extend the viewing window.

Access to all content on MIFF 68½ for all users will cease at 11.59pm AEST on Sunday 23 August 2020. Please ensure you have sufficient time to watch all purchased films as refunds will not be given for unwatched or unfinished films.

How do I rent a film?

You can rent the films from the individual session pages, bundle pages or shorts packages page. On this digital platform, there is no cart or basket option as we have had in previous years. To purchase a film for individual titles, click into the session page and select ‘pre-purchase’ above the synopsis. To purchase a bundle or shorts package, select the bundle or shorts package page and click ‘pre-purchase’ below the package title.

This will open up a payment window for you to enter your credit card details and finalise your transaction. Once you have successfully purchased the film, it will populate in your Library ready to be viewed during the festival period.

How do I make an account?

The ability to set up an account on MIFF 68½ will commence on Friday 17 July 2020. Prior to this date, access to accounts will be by invitation-only to MIFF Members. If you are a MIFF Member and haven’t received your invite by Wednesday 15 July, please contact membership@miff.com.au.
Even if you have already made an account with MIFF in previous years, you will still require a new account for the MIFF 68½ platform.

Will any of the films sell out or are tickets unlimited?

Yes, capacities are limited, so it is possible films will sell out. If there is something you don’t want to miss, we recommend pre-purchasing.

Why are capacities limited?

Capacity limits are set for a variety of reasons and each film has a different set of conditions. Capacities can be directed by a combination of the following: sales agents, distributors, filmmakers and the classification authorities.

How can I purchase multiple films at once?

Given the speed of which we have pivoted to a new platform for 2020, we have been unable to develop the cart/basket feature in this context. You must purchase each title individually for MIFF 68 12. You can compile a wish list of films to purchase using the My List feature. If you would like to purchase multiple films at once, consider our Bundles or Shorts packages.

Can I choose my own Bundle?

No. Bundles are pre-selected to give a discount on a suite of films. MIFF Members can use their discount code to receive further discount on the film bundles.

If I purchase a Bundle do I have to watch all the films in a single viewing window?

No, when you purchase a bundle, the individual films are added to your library. The viewing window for each film begins when you press play on that specific film. You have the full duration of the festival to start playing each film.

Is there any content I can access for free?

Yes, all of the Shorts Bundles are free. The Giverny Document, Dingo and Hyenas are also free.

Can I buy a mini pass or a passport?

No. There are no mini passes or passports available this year. Bundles are the best-value way to purchase a large number of films. Mini passes purchased earlier in the year have been rolled over to MIFF 2021.

Can I use a gift voucher?

No. Gift vouchers purchased earlier in the year have been rolled over to MIFF 2021.

Is there an app to browse the program?

There is no app to browse this year. However, the site is mobile responsive if you prefer to browse that way and has a library function so you can see all the films you’ve ore-purchased in one place.

Is there an app available to watch films?

Click here for the iOS MIFF 68 12 app which will enable you to view and Chromecast the films you have purchased. You will not be able to purchase streams directly from the app.

Can I use the MIFF app from previous years?

If you have previously attended MIFF, you may have a MIFF app on your phone or other device. This app will not be part of MIFF 68½ but will return for future festivals.

Is there a printed program or a PDF this year?

No, just the digital program this year. If you want to browse every film, one by one, we recommend using the Browse A–Z tab.