The Leadership (2020)

  • Feature
  • Documentary
  • 1h 37m
  • Directed by Ili Baré
  • English
  • Australia
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As 76 scientists on an all-women leadership trip to Antarctica discover, gender inequality in STEM is just the tip of the iceberg.

Australian CEO and ‘dreamer’ Fabian Dattner hopes to transform society by starting with the women who could spearhead that change. To set things in motion, in 2016 she takes 76 female scientists from around the world on the first all-women Homeward Bound voyage to Antarctica. Over the 20-day trip, however, political and philosophical tensions slowly begin to simmer.

Set against the sublime icy backdrop of the southern continent, this revelatory documentary exposes the discrimination and structural challenges faced daily by women in STEM fields. At a time when ensuring and valuing the integrity of science have never been more important, The Leadership inspires fully as a call-to-arms, inviting us to imagine a world where women are steering the ship.


Ili Baré


Greer Simpkin


Ili Baré


Dale Cochrane


Kristin Rule



Distributor: Bunya Productions

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