Suk Suk (2019)

  • Feature
  • Drama, Romance
  • 1h 32m
  • Directed by Ray Yeung
  • Cantonese, with English subtitles
  • Hong Kong
  • Australian Premiere
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As two older gay men from Hong Kong learn, finally finding love does not always mean a happily-ever-after.

Suk Suk is a gentle, bittersweet drama about the chance romance that grows between a married 70-year-old taxi driver and a retired 65-year-old divorcé. With their relationship hindered by traditional family and social norms, the men pursue their love in secret.

Ray Yeung’s understated second feature depicts how acceptance can prove elusive across age and culture, and gives viewers rare access to the mostly hidden world navigated by older gay men in Hong Kong who are forced to remain in the closet. A unique look at intimate relationships between those in their twilight years, this film is elevated by its leads’ powerful performances: affectionate glances, mournful pauses, faces conveying the simultaneous pain and hope of yearning – all of which encapsulate a person’s search for happiness through another.

“Yeung demonstrates a keen eye for social dynamics … and finds space to bask in the simple pleasures, basic generosity and the safety net that is family while simultaneously dealing with homophobia, ageism and faith.” – Hollywood Reporter


Ray Yeung


Teresa Kwong


Chowee Leow


Ray Yeung


Ming Kai Leung


Nose Chan


Veronica Lee

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